General Questions for Haryana Affordable Housing Policy

General Questions for Haryana Affordable Housing Policy. Here we will tell you all affordable housing scheme terms, conditions and rules. you can also download Haryana Affordable Housing Policy 2013. You can also find what amendments has been adding by Haryana Governments in years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Q. Who are Eligible? (Eligibility criteria for affordable housing)
All Income Groups
Applicant should be between 18 to 70 years of age.
First Preference to one who has not been allotted any flat / plot in any HUDA developed colony / sector or any licensed colony in any of the Urban Areas in Haryana, UT of Chandigarh and NCT Delhi.·
Q. Are NRIs (Non Resident Indian) & PIO (People of Indian Origin) eligible to apply for Haryana Affordable Housing projects?
Yes, NRIs & PIO are eligible to apply in such projects.
Q. Will any successful applicant in any affordable housing project be eligible for future projects by HUDA or DTCP, Government of Haryana?
The eligibility for any future project will depend on the prevailing policies of the government at that time.
Q. If an applicant surrenders his unit, will he be eligible to apply for other affordable projects?
yes, the applicant can apply as a fresh applicant after surrendering his last allotment.
Q. If an applicant has lost his acknowledgement, will he be issued a duplicate copy?
No, he won’t be issued a duplicate copy, though he can request the developer to share his application number.
Q. Can an applicant submit 2 applications in the same project under same name?
No, an applicant can only submit one application in one project. Though he is entitled to apply in as many projects he wishes to.
Q. Is it possible to withdraw application before the draw?
No, the applicant cannot withdraw his application before the draw.
Q. What is GST on affordable housing in haryana?
·         The government is charging Goods and Services Tax (GST) on HUDA affordable homes. GST rate on affordable housing projects has been lowered from an effective 8% to 1%. from 1st April 2019
Q. How’s the date of draw for any project is decided?
The date of draw is not pre-decided. Usually, it takes place within 3 months from the last date of application to the project.
Q. Does the applicant need to carry his acknowledgement at the venue of Draw?
Yes, the applicant needs to carry his copy of acknowledgement to the venue as it is the official receipt of application.
Q. Will the draw be conducted collectively for all categories or separate for each category of apartment?
The draw will be separate for each category. The categories can’t be merged at the time of draw.
Q. What is the level of transparency of Draw?
The Draw is completely transparent as it is conducted openly in presence of all applicants and certain high ranking state govt. officials and auditors (Third Party). The applicant can also take part in the entire process of draw. The entire event is video-graphed for transparency.
Q. If the draw does not take place in stipulated 90 days from last date of application, are the applicants eligible for any interest?
Yes, the applicant is eligible for 10% interest on his booking amount for the duration exceeding 90 days.
Q. How will the applicant come to know the result of the draw if he is unable to attend the event?
·         The result of the draw will be published in the same newspapers in which the project was advertised for applications. The successful allottees will be informed personally by the developer via email and postal letters. Moreover, the result will also be declared on the project website.
Q. In case of success in two draws, will the applicant be given a choice to retain both the flats?
·         No, the applicant has to choose any one apartment and surrender the other.
Q. How many applicants will be in the waiting list?
·         The developer will maintain a waiting list of 25% of the applicants for 2 years. If a wait-listed applicant wishes to withdraw from the list, he can withdraw and his booking amount will be refunded.
Q. What are the different modes of payment which are to be made against the property to the developer?
·         The payment can be made by Cheque/Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/NEFT/RTGS. Cash payment is not accepted by the developer.
Q. What is the time frame given to deposit the next instalment of 20% for a successful allottee?
·         A period of 15 days from the date of allotment is given to the allotte to make the next payment.
Q. If the developer does not refund the booking amount after the draw is over, who should the customer approach?
·         The DTCP is the nodal authority and the customer can approach DTCP for all concerns regarding affordable housing projects.
Q. How will the developer refund the booking amount of the applicants who are unsuccessful in draw?
·         The unsuccessful applicants get the booking amount through cheque which is either delivered to their correspondence address via registered post or can be collected from the developer office after furnishing all valid documents.
Q. If a successful allottee fails to make payments in stipulated time, will he be given a grace period?
·         Depending on the developer, a grace period can be given. If the applicant still fails to make the payment, his allotment stands cancelled.
Q. What is management quota in affordable housing?
•         Upto 5% of the total number of flats as approved in the building plans may be allotted by a licensee to its employees/ associates/ friends/ relatives etc. such flats is known as management qouta an these flats also to be completed along with the draw of flats for general category flats.
Q. What is affordable housing lock in period?
·         Once an apartment is allotted through the procedure as specified above, the same cannot be transferred by the coloniser to any other person by documentation in its records. Such apartments shall also be prohibited for transfer/sale up to one year after getting the possession of the flat to avoid speculation and to provide housing to the genuine persons. It means there is lock in available to transfer or sell the flats
Q. What are the affordable housing cancellation charges?
On surrender of flat by any successful allottee, the amount that can be forfeited by the colonizer in addition to Rs. 25,000/- shall not exceed the following:-

Particulars Amount to be forfeited
(aa) In case of surrender of flat before
commencement of project
(bb) upto 1 year from the date of
commencement of the project:
1% of the cost of flat;
(cc) upto 2 year from the date of commencement of the project: 3% of the cost of flat;
(dd) after 2 years from the date of
commencement of the project
5% of the cost of flat;
Q. What is the assurance that the developer will deliver the project in stipulated 4 years of time frame?
·         5% of the security deposit out of 15% will be released by the government only after developer gets occupation certificate, remaining 10% will be released only after 5 years from possession as the developer has to maintain the project for 5 years. Any delay by the developer will eventually result in his financial loss as the margins are wafer thin on such projects.
Q. Is Power Back up provided?
·         Yes there is provision of Power Back up in affordable housing projects but that is provisional.
Q. Is there any provision of car parking in Affordable Housing projects?
·         Though it is mandatory for the developer to provide ONE free two-wheeler parking with each unit, the peripheral or open area in the project can be used for car parking. The said area can’t be sold or leased to any occupant. It is free and open to all.
Q. What will be the quality of construction in such affordable housing projects?
·         The entire construction of the project will be monitored by DTCP and the developer is mandated to use predefined materials which are approved by the government. Therefore, the quality of construction will be superior.
Q. Can an applicant withdraw after 2 or 3 years of allotment?
·         Yes, the applicant can withdraw from the project. the developer will deducted some cancellation amount  and the rest will be refunded and the said apartment will be offered to the wait listed applicants.
Q. When will the construction of the project commence?
·         The construction will start after getting all statutory clearances from various departments.
Q. Is HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) authorized body for Affordable Housing projects?
·         No, all affordable housing projects fall under the privy of Department of Town & Country Planning (DTCP), Government of Haryana.
Q. How are Affordable housing apartments different from EWS flats which are also allotted by the governments?
·         EWS flats are qprox 200-250 Sq.Ft. areas and are meant for Lower income group people, whereas Affordable apartments have carpet area between 350 – 750 Sq.Ft.·         EWS apartments are located on fringe areas of the city whereas affordable housing projects are coming up across good locations.
·         EWS apartments are basic apartments with no facilities whereas Affordable housing projects have common facilities like 50% Area, Community Hall, Crèche.
·         EWS apartments are Low Rise whereas Affordable housing projects are High Rise apartments with elevators.
Q. If a successful allottee fails to make payments in stipulated time, will he be given a grace period?
·         Depending on the developer, a grace period can be given. If the applicant still fails to make the payment, his allotment stands cancelled.
Q. whats are the maintenance fee or charges in affordable housing projects?
·         Affordable housing Maintenance of colony after completion of project is free-of-cost for a period of five years from the date of grant of occupation certificate
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