Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex Sohna south of Gurgaon

Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex Sohna south of Gurgaon

Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex: a commencement of commercial spaces under an affordable scheme of government

Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex is a commercial layout in Sohna of Gurgaon. This project of commercial segment is incorporated of commercial shops. There are dissimilar shops getting developed in the area ranges from 210 square feet to 469 square feet.

Developer has taken initiative to present an affordable commercial plan in the state of Haryana. This commercial project is an advantage to the buyers of commercial segment in the real time.

    Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex Gurgaon is developed in the close proximity to KMP Expressway and other number of linked passages at present. This commercial undertaking constitutes a chain of daily basis needs such as retail stores, restaurants, gymnasiums and ATMs. There are number of public commuter services enclosed to this variant of commercial real estate in the real time.

    Raheja Krishna Commercial Complex Prices are detailed by the authorities of this real estate project to acquire a commercial space in the vibrant location of Gurgaon. Pricing of all the commercial spaces are estimated at the rate of Rs 13.65 Lacs – 33.52 Lacs.

    Raheja Developers Limited is offering a plan of commercial segment. Add a beneficial realty asset to your life right away.


    • Total sellable area – 41000 sq ft (approx)
    • Over 10000 families would be living in vicinity of the Complex
    • High ceiling height
    • Large store fronts & wide arcades along all stores
    • Floors dedicated to retail


    Shop (LG & UG) 210 Sq. Ft. 7500 15.75 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 210 Sq. Ft. 6500 13.65 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (LG & UG) 255 Sq. Ft. 7500 19.12 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 255 Sq. Ft. 6500 16.57 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (LG & UG) 264 Sq. Ft. 7500 19.80 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 264 Sq. Ft. 6500 17.16 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (LG & UG) 275 Sq. Ft. 7500 20.62 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 275 Sq. Ft. 6500 17.87 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (LG & UG) 372 Sq. Ft. 7500 27.90 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 382 Sq. Ft. 6500 24.83 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (LG & UG) 447 Sq. Ft. 7500 33.52 Lacs* 10%
    Shop (1st & 2nd) 469 Sq. Ft. 6500 30.48 Lacs* 10%


    At the Time of booking 10%
    Within 60 days of booking 15%
    At the time of Agreement to sell & deemed allotment 5%
    On Start of Excavation work 5%
    On Start of Foundation Laying 10%
    on completion of foundation 10%
    on completion of basement slab 10%
    on casting of lower ground floor slab 10%
    on casting of upper ground floor slab 5%
    on casting of first floor slab 5%
    on casting of second floor slab 5%
    On Application of Occupancy Certificate 5%
    On receipt of Occupancy Certificate 5%
    Total 100%

    Location Map and FLOOR PLANS Lower ground, upper ground, first and second floor


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