MVN Athens affordable Sohna Draw Result: 04 Feb 2015

MVN Athens Sohna Affordable Housing Flats Draw – 4th February 2015

The most awaited event of Gurgaon Affordable Housing market took place on 04 Feb 2015 as planned.

Paper Advertisement of Draw Date held on04th Feb 2015 at 11 am in Subha Vatika Gurgaon

Luckiest candidates list will come soon.

YES, the first draw for allotment of flats under affordable housing policy 2013 was held for MVN Athens, Sohna project.  The event was a big boost for buyers of affordable housing projects in Gurgaon region as it silenced all rumours about the transparency and timely allotment of flats.

MVN Athens is first affordable housing project to conduct draw in time bound manner. Yes, It took place within 100 days of its last date of application.

For complete transparency and ease for applicants, the event was held in Gurgaon in the presence of  Head – TCP, Gurgaon Region & its lieutenants, Top officials from State Transport department as well as local administration.

All applicants were invited personally by the company through emails and general public at large through Advertisements in national Dailies.

As planned, the event started at 11 AM amidst huge enthusiasm from the crowd. The process of draw was a traditional one – chit system.

The stage was all set. Two big screens were placed across the banquet hall so that the applicants can see the proceedings properly.  Three rolling cylinders were placed on stage.

1st cylinder had the chits containing unit numbers, 2nd cylinder had the chits containing applicant names for General category and 3rd smaller cylinder had chits for applicants of preferential category.

Government officials invited the audiences to be part of the draw by asking them to pick chits from the cylinders.  First, the chit from 2nd cylinder with name of the applicant was called on and simultaneously chit from 1st cylinder was selected and corresponding unit was announced and allotted after getting it duly signed from all distinguished dignitaries.  After 10-15 general category allotments, same procedure was repeated for preferential category applicants.

The entire proceeding was being video-recorded for utmost transparency. The applicants were keeping a vigil eye on the stage. The audience was prompt enough to register their objections to any unwanted gestures or any suspicious activity.

The Happy Ending !

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